We have developed and own few incubators to provide key technologies and services for government and commercial institutions, insuring them to either stay on the top of competitiveness or catch back the trends with the right technology at the right time and right price.

Through use of Artificial Intelligence, digital currencies on blockchain and others IAMA provides real improvements; from border security to loyalty programs, with full digital identity protected.

IAMA & FIP’s sole mission is to turn vision and ideas into reality we can all benefit from. Today, the company is focused on becoming a leader in FinTech / RegTech technologies, enabling financial industry to build services for the world of tomorrow.

Our Platform is called Digital Banking of Tomorrow, or DBT for short. The platform consists out of multiple elements which currently serve from tens of thousands to millions of users.

Digital Identity

One of our core technologies was creation of digital identity for regulators, enhancing the speed of Immigration services at major airports, as well as enabling/disabling access in specialized facilities.

In 2019, we are qualifying the commercial version of the Digital Identity for the financial services industry, ensuring full compliance with local and international rules and regulations.

Depending on a client, user profile ranges from machine vision of individual and relevant documents to a full biometric profile (3FA, 4FA). Building on that, our clients have full data analysis and tracking, Persons of Interest (POI) and more.

For our platform, we adjust the level of fidelity as per required by government laws in the country of installation. Should the client be a licensed commercial entity, we offer a full KYC / AML / CTF platform.

Streamline your operations with multiple levels of approval, ensure full compliancy with local and international regulations, as well as residency laws and permissions. Don’t lose clients by applying illegal discriminatory policies towards race / gender bias employees and expose your organization.

At IAMA & FIP, we enable financial institutions to support Digital Residency, R2UAE, MM2H and similar progressive visions of 21st century residency and citizenship.

Digital Wallet

Building on our Digital Identity platform, Digital Wallet is a commercial version of our technology that enables creation of digital families and digital organizations. Approved Digital Identity users such as families are linked together across borders, disrupting the traditional remittance model.

We offer full dynamic account balance tracking, redistribution of financial means inside the approved groups such as Families

The wallet is compatible with local rules removing discrimination based on race, religion or gender.

Receiving financial means is supported through integration with payroll solution providers based on UAE’s Wages Protection System (WPS), conventional IBAN/Bank account number, debit and credit card payment, as well as integration with merchants.

Payment Platform Processor System (3PS) API enables integration with popular e-commerce websites, direct purchase through the Mobile App, as well integration with popular mobile payment systems.

Extended Platform features automated invoicing (for freelancers) and single click approval for tax calculation / deduction onto user/government-controlled account.

Government Wallet Platform

This multi-module platform includes automated VAT payment/reimbursement for tourists and businesses, unique number generator identifying every transaction/invoice in a country, bringing full transparency to local economic system.

Installation required on Ministry of Finance / Central Bank level. In use in multiple countries.

Digital Currency

At IAMA & FIP, we have an agnostic approach to the matter of digital currency. We work with regulatory agencies in countries of operation to ensure our clients and partners have the best possible technology to support their users.

Team of dedicated experts can support the creation of Your organization’s digital currency through conventional currency generator or through creation of Smart Contracts using public or proprietary blockchain technology.

Our technology offering includes digital tokens equipped with tamper free identifiers, enabling our clients to have a track of serial numbers across branches, loyalty points with the same deep level of fidelity for accounting purposes.

Smart Contract currencies also can be programmed to limit usage according to planned use, with examples being use in accordance to Islamic principles, permanent attachment to the owner (Proof of Existence removes fraudulent possibilities).

The 3PS API supports accumulation and disbursement of digital currencies such as airline miles, hotel points, M-PESA and limited number of conventional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum and EOS.

Example #1: Our Digital Wallet is in use in a Far East country where the Central Bank regulator considers Digital Currency as a legal tender. Same Digital Wallet platform is in use on a Subcontinent where a local regulator bans the same Digital Currency. Note that we are unable to support Digital Currencies if the local regulations refuse to support them.

Physical and Virtual Payment Cards

Building on Digital Wallet platform, we enable issuance of physical and virtual cards; from a single user to families or corporate payment level. Multi-currency capabilities are integrated on a processing level, supporting over a hundred currencies on a single account.

Native integration with present and upcoming governmental and corporate digital currencies (e.g. cryptocurrencies) for highest safety / margin and ease of use.

Worldwide acceptance in partnership with major prepaid, debit and credit card issuers.

FX and DX Exchange

Our Foreign (FX, Forex) and Digital Exchange (Digital Assets, Cryptocurrencies, M-PESA) solutions provide users with unmatched flexibility. Our partners process 11 figure amounts in internationally traded digital and fiat currencies, ranging from conventional exchanges to loyalty programs.

Building on FX / DX solutions, clients from the credit and insurance industries can offer liquidity pools and services.

Custom Blockchain Protocol

Originally solely available to governmental entities, we are currently developing a custom blockchain protocol for FinTech / RegTech industry offering disruptive control capabilities for users and issuers.

Primary chain supports transactions up to 200,000 transactions per second at single percentage cost versus conventional networks. The capability has been tested from 10 locations in a single country to 100+ locations on four continents without tangible drop in capacity. Blockchain protocol can also be offered to customers embedded in silicon ASIC for increased security and control.

Bespoke Computing & Infrastructure

For customers demanding ultimate security, we offer High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions based on award-winning CPU architecture. Engage directly with architecture creators, while infrastructure deployment is custom-tailored to demands of each and individual customer.

By pairing embedded AI and Blockchain protocols with high-performance, high-throughput processor, clients can utilize new level of financial services. Development environment is based on Athread, OpenACC, C/C++ and Fortran.