Focused on Innovation

Operating under the full name of Innovative Asset Management Advisory & Funds Investment Planner Incorporated (IAMA & FIP), we are a technology solution provider focused on planning and deploying a range of complex projects around the world.

Established in 2011, the organization is innovating and supporting various projects and businesses, with customers ranging from financial and technology companies, multi-national conglomerates to real estate.

Core business of the company is serving as a technology solution provider for the financial industry. Expert team in IAMA & FIP listens to customers and partners challenges in the modern business environment and then enables solutions.

By listening to our customers, something all they need is one module, one technology or one team from our or our partnership network or organize and manage a complex team with multiple parties. After the initial set of discussions, our team performs necessary R&D, test, implementation and verification of the project.

Using our Project Accelerators, we develop projects by infusing it with new technology and new talent to help customers and partners to access all technologies. IAMA & FIP also provides full time staff that supports the customers long after the project is completed.

Our clients are banks, institutionals and family offices throughout the world, with the focus on operations in the U.A.E., Switzerland and Singapore.